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Dominic's Art Gallery has been conducted by Mr. Dominic Chan since 1975 with 44 art students and registered as a company in 1978.

Mr. Chan has already trained numerous art students and has more than 1000 top artists for every subjects of original oil paintings. He was a teacher at St. Joseph's College and has been granted qualifications as a Qualified Teacher in 1973, Qualified Teacher for Slow Learning Children in 1978, Master of Art in Education also in 1978 and Doctor of Philosophy in 1981.

Any styles of oil paintings, frames, tiffany lamps, antique clocks, furnitures and replicas are welcomed. Mr. Chan can surely suit your requests very well and easily. 

We are also the Hong Kong and China's main manufacturers and exporters for bicycles, bronzes, classical oil paintings, clocks, classical gold swept wood frame, craft wood frames, European and Royal furnitures, garments, helmets, jewellery boxes, porcelains, resins, rodent and insect eliminators, tiffany lamps and sports scooters.

We have more than 1000 good top artists and 6,000 employees, 100,000 pieces of above products and eight (8) factories ready for you to visit and to place orders.

Further inquiries, please send us an email info@dominicart.com/ info@223.hk
info@art2ware.com / info@confidence.hk / hk93840008@gmail.com / dominicartltd@gmail.com
QQ:1247377246 MSN: dominicart@hotmail.com Skype: dominicart1